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Shingle Solutions V3
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Those black streaks are eating your roof!  The black streaks you see on your roof are an airborne algae called Gloeocapsa magma.  This algae feeds on the limestone granules that protect the asphalt in your shingles from thermo shock.  Our shampooing of the roof removes not only algae, but lichen and moss as well. 

After washing your roof, we can also condition your roof!  Soy-lution (tm) is an all natural solution we apply to shingles that the petro-chemical oils have dried out in. Soy-Lution penetrates the asphalt and rehydrates it.  The benefits of this solution is shingle flexibility, water shedding ability, and granule retention.  We give a 7 year warranty with every Soy-lution treatment that the roof will perform, "like new!"

After your roof has been shampooed and conditioned, it is ready for any repairs needed.  The shingles are ready to be manipulated if any need to be changed, or flashings need to be installed or fixed.

With all construction pricing increasing hitting industry highs, we are an alternative that is affordable.

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